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Gerino : GNC |

 Detail Airdrop

 Pesta airdrop:  Gerino

 Insentif aktivitas: GNC

 Permintaan utama:  Application Telegram Twitter ETH/ERC/EVM Mail 

 Direkomendasikan:  ★★☆ 2.7

 Waktu pengumpulan: 2023/05/18

Gerino sedang melakukan airdrop, buka event Gleam, follow Twitter, gabung Telegram, gabung Discrod, daftarkan alamat dompet ERC, selesaikan berbagai tugas, 10.000 pemenang beruntung akan mendapatkan airdrop!

 Informasi Acara

 Key strategy: Subject to the latest official version

*Informasi akurat dan relatif lengkap. Ini disediakan dan hanya untuk memahami bagian wol airdrop gratis. Tolong jangan melakukan operasi berisiko apa pun dan menjauhlah dari semua bagian yang melibatkan investasi & pengisian ulang!
PS. Itu hanya mungkin jika Anda tidak memiliki rambut. Jika Anda tidak memiliki rambut, itu adalah strategi terbaik untuk memeras wol Anda dengan hujan dan embun, tetapi Anda harus menghindari operasi yang berisiko, mengutamakan keselamatan, tidak menyentuh investasi dan dana, dan beroperasi sesuai dengan hukum dan peraturan . , Untuk menghindari item yang substansinya tidak sesuai dengan deskripsi pada saat penyertaan/penggantian konten.

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Kode QR halaman ini: Anda dapat memindai kode QR dengan ponsel Anda untuk langsung masuk ke halaman versi seluler

Deklarasi dan Pemberitahuan

Catatan: Airdrop apa pun tidak akan memerlukan kunci pribadi Anda (semua formulir termasuk mnemonik), pertukaran kata sandi, kata sandi email, dan informasi apa pun yang mungkin dirancang untuk mengamankan properti pribadi. Setelah Anda memiliki tujuan yang sama, harap berhenti berpartisipasi dalam aktivitas airdrop dan semua langkah selanjutnya segera!

Penafian & Pengingat Penting:Isi jaringan airdrop mata uang semuanya ditransfer dari Internet. Harap identifikasi dengan jelas risiko dari setiap proyek. Semua risiko adalah risiko Anda sendiri. Berhati-hatilah dan jauhi transaksi dana dan privasi pribadi. Jangan berinvestasi, harap berhati-hati jangan Tertipu! "Penafian situs ini"

Perhatian yang direkomendasikan


Airdrop is a vocabulary that also has its name. Airdrop can be simply and rudely understood as gift, wool, or an advantage. Currency generally refers to the carrier of the value of all free airdrops. It can be a certificate or pass for a variety of rights and interests, as well as all quantifiable free gifts, but it is not guaranteed to be valuable (or within a certain limited time and space dimension).

Most of these activities are accompanied by new product launches, new APP launches, new business development, etc., or project promotion and customer acquisition activities, and accompanying gift distribution activities.
We only collect the information of the part that is completely free of charge, and do not recommend that you participate in the content of other parts of the project, and only look at the part that is purely free of charge without risk.

First of all, you may need to wait for the event party to distribute the candy and release the specific monetization announcement details. These activities are different, you need to pay attention to the corresponding announcement and customer service. But not all candies are guaranteed to be cashed. After all, there is no promise or no promise for free airdrops. It is important to pay attention to this aspect. It is recommended that both the rain and the dew are applied when putting energy into the wool.

1. First, determine whether your identity and local laws and regulations conflict with the corresponding airdrop activities. Airdrops on this site are for global users and only collect and display. In this regard, you need to master it yourself and carefully read the instructions for each item before proceeding. step. (For example, Singaporean users are not allowed to participate in the airdrops of Singapore campaign parties, but the limitation is not only this one)
2. Determine whether you meet the conditions of the airdrop activity party. (For example, some activities require you to have a Twitter account)
3. Confirm that you have the corresponding payment method, otherwise you will not be able to receive your income.
4. On the premise of ensuring two-way compliance, pay attention to protecting personal sensitive information and asset security and avoid risks.
5. Pay attention to whether the content of the airdrop activity has changed. If there is any content change, please refer to the latest information of the activity party and re-evaluate it.

1. The arrival of some airdrops is delayed.
2. Confirm whether the content of the activity has changed, whether it has expired, and whether there are any violations.
3. Please contact the customer service of the event party.

After all, all airdrops are free, so I can't guarantee it. It can only be said that it may be valuable, more or less large or small. Therefore, it is recommended to cover both rain and dew, and try to avoid putting too much energy in an activity, unless you have done enough due diligence and ensured that you have enough understanding and full confidence.

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Contribution email: [email protected]
Advertising & Business WeChat: BTSnowball
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Currency: .plus/TokenAirdropOrg

Although our goal is to only provide information about safe and legitimate projects, we are not responsible for any potential negative results, whether it is fraud or misleading information. We strongly recommend that you ensure the security of all private keys and never participate in any airdrop that requires private information about risks.
It is important to note that all airdrops are free, and will not use any legal currency or media that can be designated as economic assets (such as stocks, bonds, etc.) as commissions. If there are fees or non-compliant rebates, it must be the project If there is a change, the information becomes invalid and immediately stop participating in the activity, quit and stay away!
The currency airdrop only collects and screens relevant currency airdrop information for users within the scope of our ability, and only provides some tips when we deem it necessary, and does not assume any responsibility for the information and projects. Please pay attention to clearly identify the risks of each project, all risks are at your own risk, thank you for your cooperation.
The contents of the currency airdrop network are all transferred from the Internet. Please clearly identify the risks of each project and bear all risks. Be careful and stay away from fund transactions and personal privacy. Do not invest, please be careful not to be deceived! "This Site Disclaimer"
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